Christopher Martin for Bartica Regatta

CHRISTOPHER Martin and D-Major out of Jamaica are primed to set Bartica ‘ablaze with excitement’ at the Easter Regatta slated for Saturday, April 15.

Joining them at the mega concert will be local Universal Melodies Band featuring Zion Kid. The much talked about concert will be held at the Community Centre Ground. The excitement will continue on Sunday, April 16, when some of the biggest names in powerboat racing will be placed under the spotlight.

The Power Boat Races will see Dave Scott, Jose Jardine, Sean Belle and the Bartica racers, throwing down the gauntlet to Neil and Clint Gonsalves and the Pomeroon crew.
It promises to be a day of fun, thrills and excitement. Later in the evening, eight of Bartica’s beauties will vie for the coveted Miss Bartica Regatta Crown 2017, at the Community Centre Ground.

Last weekend, the delegates were paired with sponsors at a sashing ceremony on Sunday evening at the Bartica Regatta Pavilion.

The delegates are: Delegate No. 1, Shyan Beaton – Ms. Eldorado Trading; Delegate No. 2, Shania Thom – Falls Service Station; Delegate No. 3, Lakeshia Christian – Zhonhao Inc.; Delegate No. 4, Candia Paul – Top Brandz International; Delegate No. 5, Crystal William – Jags Aviation; Delegate No. 6, Nalini Baptiste – Captain Prince Transportation; Delegate No. 7, Leah Smith – Universal Melodies Band and Delegate No 8, Gabriella Chapman – Ms. Aruwai Resort White H2O.