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Poison: Guiness
Status: Single
Favourite Artist: Yanni
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Poison: Guiness
Status: Tell you later
Favourite Artist: Mims
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Poison: Vodka & Cranberry
Status: Committed
Favourite Artist: Lauryn Hill
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Name: formally known as
Age: 9 Years Old (Established in April 2003)
Birthday: December 2002 as
Rebirth: April 2003 as
Location: Georgetown, Guyana

Created and maintained in Georgetown, Guyana by three young Guyanese one woman and two men, this is the hottest online venue where party people from across the seas can truly discover the fantastic vibes that make up Guyana’s entertainment scene!

People often ask why How did we come up with the idea?

  1. Firstly and honestly, we were bored
  2. People abroad always want know what is going on in Guyana
  3. This was a positive way to showcase and promote Guyana’s Entertainment Industry

Honestly WE never expected the site to do so well and be such a big hit but it all took off because of “you” the fans and sponsors and it is because of this that WE continue to work on to make it better. THANK YOU THANK YOU

This is a new era for Gtvibes,com. Back on track and lacing you with all the quality you have come to expect from Guyana’s Premium Entertainment E-Zine/ Website.

Still the most visited & still # 1!
‘Memba mi told yuh. Browse the new pics and take in the vibe that makes us Guyanese just what they say – Gt to de bone. Bless up!

Guyanese Entertainment at its Highest, REvibed.

This site is for persons 18 years and over. Parental supervision is recommended for underage visitors… Enjoy! Joke…

Warning : this site is very addictive.





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