Olatunji or simply Ola for 2018

Olatunji Yearwood who is better known by his moniker, Olatunji or simply Ola for 2018 has assumed a new title in the area of soca, the Minister of Party Justice.

The Minister of Party Justice takes his role quite seriously and has released a new song for Carnival 2018, which exemplifies his position under the title, Party Justice. Produced by Millbeatz Entertainment, Party Justice is the second song released by the minister.

The official audio released on YouTube shows a black and white photo of Yearwood holding posters with the words Party Justice, and among the many photos of him you can see in the backdrop are pictures of known freedom fighters like Martin Luther King Jr.

He says the economic downturn in the country is a cause for concern however party-goers should not have their Carnival experience diminished.

Yearwood sees it as his civic duty to give the people what they want.

He said, “Party Justice is a power song, which will bring a mixture of live brass and drums while bringing back that big-band sound. This song is straight forward. People want jumping, waving, winning and vibes. Whether in a party or you playing mas, people are spending their money, and they want what they paid for.”

Utilizing the Carnival season, to showcase his range and stylish new duds, Yearwood’s first song for Carnival 2018, Bodyline has been quite popular on the airwaves.

Olatunji Yearwood.

Written by him and produced by System 32, Yearwood says Bodyline is inspired by jazz and ragtime music.

According to US’s library of congress, ragtime is a genre of musical composition for the piano, generally in duple meter and containing a highly syncopated treble lead over a rhythmically steady bass. A ragtime composition is usually composed three or four contrasting sections or strains, each one being 16 or 32 measures in length.

Ragtime which is a uniquely American, syncopated musical phenomenon became quite popular in the 1900s and quickly spread across America and Europe. Its popularity, however was short lived and soon became a fad in those respective countries.

The essence of Yearwood’s Bodyline also emulates legendary singers like Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and the great Aldwyn Roberts, Lord Kitchener.

So it’s no surprise that his new look is also reflective of that time. From his hat to his bow-tie, jacket and shiny shoes, the Minister of Party Justice says he means business, and plans on giving party-goers an exceptional experience for Carnival 2018.