STAG Stage 5 for Mash

Despite Ansa McAl choosing not to host the Soca Monarch Competition as per annual norm, the company is still very much involved in the Mashramani celebrations — but on a different level.

Ansa McAl has just decided to “refocus its involvement.” And though Ansa McAl has not yet revealed what exactly these activities will include, the MoE says it’s going to be “hot.”

Over the last decade or so, Ansa McAl has been the chief sponsor of the national Soca Monarch Competition, branding it the Carib Soca Monarch Competition. However, Guyanese learnt earlier last week that there will be no Soca Monarch Competition as part of this year’s ongoing Mashramani activities, since Ansa McAl has chosen not to extend their usual sponsorship to that event, and the ministry stated that it was not in a position to be able to take over and fund the competition.

However, Andrew Tyndall, of the Mashramani Organising Committee, has explained that the absence of a Soca Monarch Competition for Mash was not necessarily a complete cancellation of the event, but a postponement instead. Tyndall related that a Soca Monarch Competition will be part of an upcoming national music festival later this year, and it is hoped that this will compensate for the absence of one (soca competition) during the Mash celebrations.

Ansa McAl will still be a part of “Stage 5”, which they will support under their Stag Beer brand; this event will be held from February 20-22.