Stars of Florida for Jamzone 2013

A group of professional entertainers who specialize in a broad spectrum of water sports and who have performed in worldwide water ski shows will showcase their incredible talent in Guyana come August 25, 2013 for the much anticipated Jamzone 2013.

In an effort to continuously develop Guyana’s biggest summer event, Hits and Jams Entertainment have added to their Jamzone beach day string of events this magnificent spectacle of renowned skiers who have had many tours around the world.

The Stars of Florida feature the world’s top show skiers in performances that will thrill and delight spectators. These professionals are trained in practically all aspects of the sport including barefooting, jumping, swivel, adagio doubles, pyramids, wake boarding, air chair/ski sky and even delta wing hang gliders are choreographed into one grand performance.

During their visit in August, the Stars of Florida will partake in a Ski Show & Regatta exclusively for the Madewini residents. However, the general public will be able to witness these breath-taking acts on the day of Jamzone Beach Jam.

Stars of Florida has performed in Japan, Paris, Jordan, Columbia, Turkey, Malaysia, India, Egypt, Las Vegas, Norway, Korea and other exciting locations. These very talented performers are sure to provide a splendid show for patrons.