Poonam Singh Collabs with Natural Black

“Touch Meh” is song recorded by two Guyanese singer-songwriters , Poonam Singh and Natural Black. Written¬† by Poonam Singh and Natural Black, in the key of F major at the tempo of 110 Beats per minute it is an Indian Dance Pop, considered to be a temporary departure from Singh’s usual soulful/pop music style.

“Touch Meh” was produced by Darrell Pugsley (DP Records), the song’s duration is three minutes.

Natural Black is one of Poonam’s Singh favourite artiste from Guyana hence right after their first meeting at the studio, without anticipation, she decided to do a collaboration with Natural ON THE SAME DAY! In other words, “Touch Meh” was written and recorded in couple hours.

The collaboration was an easy one, since both singers clicked music wise perfectly and instantly.

“Touch Meh” is simply a fun song, the type of music you can jam with and really just chill out to” -Poonam Singh says…

Making reference to one of Natural’s Famous song “Nice”, Natural said “Touch Meh is nice it Nice It Nice”

The two are looking forward to do more collaborations together and making music in their home country, Guyana more fun and relaxing while Poonam Singh will be working on her international EP (date soon to be released)